Nivea Sun SPF +50 Sunscreen & 48 Moisturizing Sun Lotion 200 ml

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From NIVEA, the Sun Care Expert for Over 85 Years, NIVEA Sun Protection & Moisture Ultra High Protection Sun Spray with SPF 50+ Sun Protection Factor 200 ml:


What is it for?

It has a 48 Hour Moisturizing effect

Provides highly effective UVA & UVB protection.

Supports skin barrier

It works in harmony with the microbiome balance.

It absorbs quickly and acts instantly.

Its formula is water resistant



How to use?

 Reducing the amount of use significantly reduces the level of protection. Apply generously before going out in the sun. Wait for it to be completely absorbed, avoid direct contact with clothes and hard surfaces to avoid leaving stains. Repeat frequently after swimming, sweating and drying to maintain the initial effect. Apply to your skin before going out in the sun.

NIVEA cares about your skin and the earth: Ocean-Sensitive - Free of Octinoxate, oxybenzone and octocrylene UV filters and Microplastic.