Methods of Determining Fetal Gender: Facts and Myths

Methods of Determining Fetal Gender: Facts and Myths


  • Desire to determine fetal gender is a longstanding aspiration.
  • People have explored various methods, some scientifically sound, others based on myths.
  • This article explores the concept of determining fetal gender, methods used, and common misconceptions.

Why Do Couples Want to Determine Fetal Gender?

  • Having children is a fundamental aspect of marriage.
  • Couples seek gender determination for social, cultural, medical, and personal reasons.
  • Some cultural beliefs favor male offspring over females.

What Is Fetal Gender?

  • Fetal gender is determined by genetics.
  • Females have XX chromosomes, while males have XY chromosomes.
  • Fertilization with X or Y-carrying sperm determines the gender.

Methods of Determining Fetal Gender: Preconception Methods:

  1. Special Dietary Regimen:
    • Certain diets are believed to influence fetal gender.
    • High potassium and sodium diets may increase chances of conceiving a male.
    • High magnesium and calcium diets may favor female offspring.
  1. Vaginal Douching:
    • Alkaline douches before intercourse aim to reduce uterine alkalinity temporarily.
    • This may increase chances of male sperm fertilizing the egg.
  1. Timing of Intercourse:
    • Timing during or before ovulation may increase chances of conceiving a male.
    • Delayed intercourse after ovulation may favor female conception.
  1. Hormone Medications:
    • Hormone therapy, like testosterone or ovulation-promoting medications, can influence gender.
    • Requires medical supervision.

Artificial Insemination:

  • Assisted reproductive technologies like IVF or IUI can be used.
  • Gender selection methods can be employed, either before or after fertilization.

Common Myths and Misconceptions About Gender Determination:

  • Due to a strong desire for gender selection, myths have arisen:
  1. Women Solely Determine Gender: Erroneous belief that only women determine the gender.
  2. Orgasm Timing Influences Gender: Belief that a woman's orgasm timing affects gender.
  3. Sleeping Positions and Gender: Beliefs associating sleeping positions with gender.
  4. Dream Interpretation for Gender: Belief that dreams predict gender.


  • Birth of a healthy child should be the ultimate goal.
  • Well-being of the mother during pregnancy is paramount.
  • Family planning decisions, including gender preference, should involve careful consideration and medical consultation.