About us

About Cheerries.

At Cheerries, we represent a comprehensive world of beauty and personal care. We believe in the importance of personal care and well-being for everyone, aiming to offer the best international choices and brands from Turkey to all countries.

In Cheerries, we believe that the relationship between couples greatly relies on intimate details and personal care. That's why we've dedicated our mission to provide a holistic solution for the personal care needs of both husbands and wives. We take pride in offering a diverse range of high-quality cosmetics from renowned brands, skincare and body care essentials, along with a splendid collection of lingerie. We work towards meeting the diverse needs of our audience, including women, young girls, young men, men, and seniors.

Cheerries is one of Erizobox companies which established in 2020, as an innovative company to present more than 15 years of our experiences with in e-commerce in MINA region and gulf countries.

Our Mission.

Our mission is to provide a wide range of renowned, high-quality products that meet the standards of beauty and personal care for all segments of society. We aim to deliver a pleasant and reliable shopping experience that caters specifically to the needs of women while adding our unique touch to the beauty and well-being routine. We welcome people of all ages and genders to explore our world and benefit from our products and services, unlocking their full potential and enjoying the best that the beauty and body care world has to offer.

Our Vision.

Our vision is to empower everyone to explore their natural beauty and take care of themselves with ease and delight. We aspire to be the first choice that comes to people's minds when they seek beauty and body care products online, offering well-known brands at competitive prices. We seek to enhance confidence and personal comfort for all, making self-care an enjoyable and convenient experience for every individual in society, regardless of gender or age.


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