Maid Girl Costume 2

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The Maid Girl Costume is designed to add fun and elegance to your special moments.

This product consists of six different pieces, each carefully crafted from specially selected materials.

The standout pieces of this special costume include:

Dress: The centerpiece of the costume, the maid dress, features a special design that reflects the classic maid girl style.

Apron: The apron completes the maid girl theme and adds elegance.

Thong: The included thong is a complementary piece of the costume.

Headband: A stylish headband adds a nice detail to your appearance.

Choker: The choker, included as part of the costume, emphasizes your elegance.

Leg Garter: A leg garter completes your costume and contributes to your overall elegance. The Maid Girl Costume is a fun option for special events, costume parties, or romantic moments.

With its classic and elegant look, it offers an eye-catching style.

Please note: The Maid Girl Costume is designed for entertainment and costume purposes and does not imply any real maid duties or responsibilities.