Durex Beyond Thin Extra Sensation Condoms


Size: 10

Size: 10
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Durex Beyond Thin Extra Sensation Condoms are an excellent choice for couples seeking a closer and more sensual experience during intimacy. It comes in a pack containing 10 condoms.


Ultra-Thin Texture: These condoms are precisely crafted from high-quality latex and are known for their ultra-thin construction, providing you with a closer sensation while ensuring necessary protection.

Textured Design: Durex Beyond Thin features a special design that enhances pleasure and sensuality during use.

Reliable Protection: Durex is a trusted brand known for the quality of its products and commitment to providing reliable protection against unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections.

Built-In Lubrication: These condoms come with a lubricated layer that adds extra comfort and enjoyment during use.

Large Pack: Durex Beyond Thin Extra Sensation Condoms come in a pack of 20, making them ideal for sustainable and repeated use.

Choose Durex Beyond Thin Extra Sensation Condoms to enhance your intimate experience safely and comfortably. These condoms offer an excellent balance between protection and sensuality.