Durex Real Feel Condoms 10 pcs

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Durex Real Feel Condoms are designed to provide a natural and enhanced sensation during intimate moments. These condoms are crafted with advanced material for a closer-to-skin feel, making the experience more intimate and enjoyable. Each pack contains a quantity of condoms.


Real Feel Material: Durex Real Feel Condoms are made from a special polyisoprene material, which is latex-free. This material is designed to mimic the natural skin-to-skin sensation, providing a more authentic and enjoyable experience.

Enhanced Sensation: The unique material and design of these condoms aim to enhance sensation for both partners, making intimate moments more pleasurable.

Reliable Protection: Durex is a globally trusted brand known for producing high-quality condoms that offer effective protection against both unintended pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

Easy Application: These condoms are easy to put on and comfortable to wear, ensuring a smooth and convenient experience.

Pack Size: Durex Real Feel Condoms come in a convenient pack size, suitable for multiple uses.

Experience the intimacy and pleasure of Durex Real Feel Condoms, designed to provide a heightened sense of closeness and comfort during intimate encounters. Enjoy a more authentic and fulfilling experience with your partner while prioritizing safety.