Enterogermina Adult 9-Pack Sachet Probiotic Containing 6 Billion Bacillus Clausii Spores

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It is a food supplement containing probiotic microorganisms (6 Billion Bacillus Clausii spores). What is the Difference of Enterogermina?: It is a probiotic containing live spores. Spore is the bacterium protecting itself. Bacillus clausii bacteria inside the enterogermina have the ability to naturally form spores. These spores overcome the acidic environment barrier in the stomach and reach the intestine. By capturing the appropriate environment in the intestine, it becomes alive and begins to multiply (colonize). In this way, it shows its beneficial effects. Since Enterogermina 6 billion is a ready-to-use sachet, it can be consumed by pouring it directly into the mouth. What is Bacillus Clausii?: It is a type of bacteria that creates positive effects on human health. It helps regulate the digestive system and support the immune system. It is a microorganism that can synthesize antimicrobial substances that restrict the growth of various bacteria that can cause disease. It also affects the immune system by causing the proliferation of antibodies (immune protein). It helps synthesize some vitamins in our body. Helps Regulate the Digestive System and Support the Immune System: The balance of the intestinal microbiota is different in each person. It changes with age, is dynamic and in a state of balance. Enterogermina helps regulate your digestive system and support your immune system with the probiotic microorganisms it contains.