HERBAL HOME Multifunctional + Relaxing Foot Detox Salt 200 gram

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Formulated with the support of natural oils and salts for fresher and well-groomed feet. FOOT DETOX SALT 200g A foot care support product designed to provide more well-groomed feet with its content consisting of natural oils and natural salts. It aims to contribute to nourishing your foot skin, providing a smoother appearance with its peeling feature, moisturizing the skin, and promoting relaxation of the feet. With its natural oils, it aims to support the softening of the skin and assist in the care against cracks, hardness, and the formation of unpleasant odors. HOW TO USE: Fill a basin with warm water up to ankle height, add 100g (half a package) of Foot Detox Salt mixture, and soak your feet for a minimum of 10-15 minutes. You can let it sit for as long as you like, not exceeding 2 hours. You may feel the transfer of toxins and fatigue from your feet to the water, accumulated throughout the day. No rinsing is required. Allow the minerals and natural oils to continue caring for your feet. After drying your feet with a clean towel, you can complete your foot detox care by applying your foot cream.