Maid Girl Costume 1

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The Maid Girl Costume is comprised of six different pieces, each carefully designed to elevate your special moments.

This product includes the following components:

Dress: The focal point of the costume, the maid dress, boasts a unique design that encapsulates the classic maid girl style.

Apron: Completing the maid girl theme, the apron adds a touch of elegance. Thong: The included thong serves as a complementary piece of the costume.

Hair Band: A stylish hair band adds a charming detail to your appearance.

Choker: The choker, included as part of the costume, accentuates your elegance.

Leg Garter: A leg garter completes your costume and contributes to your overall allure.

The Maid Girl Costume is a delightful choice for special occasions, costume parties, or romantic moments.

With its classic and chic appearance, it offers a captivating style.

Please note: The Maid Girl Costume is designed for entertainment and costume purposes and does not imply any real maid duties or responsibilities.