Okey Zero Aqua Condom 10 pcs

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Okey Zero Aqua Condom is a thin and sensitive condom option known for its water-based lubricant.

This condom is specially designed for those seeking more pleasure and comfort.

With its thin structure and water-based lubricant, it enhances your sexual experience, making it even more special.

Key Features:

Water-Based Lubricant: Okey Zero Aqua Condom is coated with a water-based lubricant. This provides lubrication while offering a natural feel.

Ultra-Thin Design: The condom has an ultra-thin structure, which increases sensitivity and allows for a greater sensation of skin-to-skin contact.

Natural Sensation: Okey Zero Aqua provides users with a natural feel, enhancing the overall intimacy of your sexual experience.

Easy Application: Thanks to its tapered end and straight-wall design, the condom is easy to put on and provides a comfortable fit.

High Quality: It's made from high-quality natural rubber and conforms to international quality standards. It helps protect against unintended pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections.

Okey Zero Aqua Condom enhances your sexual experience with the extra lubrication provided by the water-based lubricant and its thin design.

It offers reliable protection while increasing sensitivity. With its unique design, it prioritizes user comfort and makes your special moments more enjoyable.

Made in Belgium