Pinksense Ingrown Hair & Strawberry Leg Repair, Anti-Blemish, Anti-Scar Peeling

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A favorite for many, thanks to its safe ingredients and easy-to-use scrub formula! Pinksense, with its natural ingredients, improves the appearance of skin texture, cleanses scars on the skin, and helps you achieve smooth, radiant, and glowing skin. GET READY FOR A SPOTLESS SKIN! Formulated with mulberry extract, vitamin C, tamanu, and shea butter to balance resistance against skin problems, Pinksense body scrub renews dead skin, helping to cleanse the skin from dirt, marks, and blemishes. INGREDIENTS: Cocoa Extract What does Cocoa Extract do? Its moisturizing and nourishing formula helps reduce scars and blemishes. Mulberry Root Extract What does Mulberry Root Extract do? With its regenerative effect, it can help eliminate wounds, cracks, and scars. Shea Butter What does Shea Butter do? It exfoliates dead cells on the skin, revealing new skin and promoting skin tightening. Vitamin B3 What does Vitamin B3 do? It helps eliminate dry spots, making your skin feel more flexible. How to Use? Step 1 After your shower routine, apply a sufficient amount of the product to your body. Step 2 Wait for it to work on dead skin cells for 2 minutes by massaging. Step 3 Rinse your body with lukewarm water. Why Use PinkSense? By using PinkSense, you can permanently get rid of scars and blemishes. Its special formula, prepared from 100% natural ingredients, helps you get rid of deep surgical scars. It can eliminate the barrier caused by dead skin cells with micro-particles that do not harm sensitive skin. It can make your skin look radiant, glowing, smooth, and vibrant.