Pour Toi Whitening Cream Skin Tone Equalizer, Face, Bikini Area and Underarm Darkening 100 ml

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you have reviewed is determined by the seller. It brightens the skin tone and provides care to your skin with its herbal extracts and vitamins. The lemon peel oil in it is known to reduce the appearance of blemishes on the skin. Therefore, you can apply the cream to your skin daily by massaging it regularly. In addition to whitening and balancing the skin tone, when applied externally to the skin on a daily basis, it can also contribute to tightening your skin perfectly. It exfoliates the skin with its glycolic acid content. It helps reduce the intensity of brown spots with ascorbic acid (vitamin C), while promoting skin whitening and color uniformity. With regular use, you will begin to see visible results within 2-4 weeks. We recommend using it once a day, applying sunscreen on top in the morning, and using it in the evening before bedtime. The cream is not an instant whitening product. No washing is required after application. Before using Pour Toi Skin Whitening Cream, you should thoroughly cleanse your skin. You can apply the cream to your face, neck, hands, elbows, knees, or other areas of your body. Apply the cream to your skin in a thin layer and massage it in gently. It is recommended to use it regularly every day. For best results, you can apply the cream twice a day: morning and evening. The duration of use may vary depending on your personal preference and skin reactions. However, generally, it is recommended to continue regular use for at least 4-6 weeks for effective results. The duration of the effect may also vary depending on personal factors. However, most people start to see initial effects within about 2-4 weeks of regular use. For best results, it is recommended to continue using the product regularly.