Redoxon Kids 60 Chewable Gummy I Supplement for Children Containing Vitamin C, Vitamin D and Zinc

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Redoxon Kids Redoxon Kids, in chewable gummy form with delicious and different flavors that children can enjoy, is compatible with the daily dose. Redoxon Kids chewable tablets with strawberry, papaya and orange flavors are suitable for daily use in addition to normal nutrition. Product Name: Redoxon Kids Chewable Tablet 60 Pieces Product Brand: Redoxon Product Size: 60 Pieces Suitable for use by children aged 4-10. Vitamin C 60mg Vitamin D 10mcg Zinc 5mg in 2 Tablets Usage: It is recommended to use 2 tablets per day for children aged 4-10, and 3 tablets per day for children over 11 years of age. Redoxon® Kids 1 piece 2 pieces Vitamin C 30 mg 60 mg Vitamin D 200 IU(5 mcg) 400 IU(10 mcg) Zinc 2.5 mg 5 mg Product Composition: Portokol, Strawberry and Popoyo AromoCdekier. Glucose syrup, Sugar, Pomegranate gel, -Ascorbic acid Regulator: Stric acid, Cirnko sulphate, Molodextrin, Flavoring: (Orange aroma, Strawberry aromos, Popoyooomos), Colourant: (Corminic acid. Komine, Cucumin) Oekolspherol. Parlotc: Polishing mixture (Porlatcr: BomumuronotcI Kornaubg wax)