Sambucol Plus Black Elderberry + Vitamin C Zinc Food Supplement 15 Tablets

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WHY BLACKWOOD? Black Elderberry It is a plant whose effectiveness against viruses has been proven by many scientific studies. The polyphenols it contains enable the plant to play a role in its effectiveness against viruses. Additionally, it contains 3 different lectins. It helps prevent viruses from multiplying by binding to proteins necessary for their proliferation. In addition, the flavanols it contains also play an important role in its effectiveness. Black elderberry, which can be used in children and adults It is an extremely important and valuable food supplement to be preferred at the beginning of the winter months. Sambucol Plus 15 Effervescent Tablets with Black Elderberry Plant Extract is the price of 1 product. Product Features: What is Sambucol Plus Effervescent 15 Tablet? Black Elderberry is a grain plant belonging to the honeysuckle family. Sambucol Plus Effervescent 15 Tablet features: It contains 15 dissolvable tablets (effervescent) that release small gas bubbles when thrown into water. It is suitable for use by children and adults. Sambucol Effervescent Tablet Black Elderberry Extract is a food supplement containing Vitamin C and Zinc.