Vita Bear Sleepy Bear Sleep Regulating Vitamin 60 Pieces

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Vita Bear Sleepy Bear Melatonin 60 Gummies Vita Bear Sleep Regulator Vitamin vitamin for quality sleep Vita Bear Sleepy Bear Gummy, with its rich and balanced formula, allows you to fall asleep comfortably, stay in quality and long sleep, start the day rested and fit, and supports a healthy sleep cycle. It is Turkey's First Sleep vitamin developed in the format. Our product, which was developed to provide you with the most comfortable sleep and make you feel fit and energetic during the day, also protects you against stress. Vita Bear Sleepy Bear is manufactured in facilities that have FDA-registered GMP standards and use guidelines to ensure its quality and safety. We use the best ingredients to provide an effective product that looks great, smells delicious and tastes great from natural fruits! · Vita Bear Sleepy Bear is a product that can potentially address mild to moderate insomnia and sleep problems. · Vita Bear Sleepy Bear is a pure Gummy vitamin supplement Containing Melatonin, 5-Hydroxytryptophan, L-Theanine, Valerian, Passiflora, Niacin and Vitamin Complex that functions as a sleep aid. It is natural, drug-free and non-addictive. · Unlike drugs prescribed for insomnia, which can cause addiction, Vita Bear Sleepy Bear helps you sleep comfortably and with quality sleep with its natural ingredients. · Vita Bear Sleepy Bear creates hormones naturally produced by the body that help keep your biological clock synchronized and regulate the sleep-wake cycle known as circadian rhythm. · Vita Bear Sleepy Bear blends minerals, vitamins and amino acids to relax you before going to bed, helping to relax your body, reduce stress levels and keep your sleep hormones working regularly. In this way, it supports relaxation and regular sleep. · Vita Bear Sleepy Bear regulates your body's sleep pattern, allowing you to wake up energetic and full of joy of life and start the day. · Melatonin is important because it normalizes our body clock. Having enough melatonin helps make sleep more restful and better.